Initially, during 19th century these fabrics were used to be hand-woven. Later, a Belgian printer developed a method of imprinting with the help of machines. However, the machine-made versions of African prints developed splits and imperfections. Later, developments being made to remove t he imperfections of machine-made print fabrics are being introduced to the west-African markets both by Dutch and Europeans.  Years, later this new way of printing and designs by Africans received eyes of many other country traders. Apart from giving a new, authentic look the African print fabric carry their own set of advantages over other types of fabrics. Let’s look at few such add-ons that are making this fabric much famous irrespective of the country of production and sale,

  • Multiple uses: There is wide variety of decoration items made with this fabric that are meant to unleash the beauty of your space. You can décor every room of your home with variety of hangings, table runners, bed sheets, curtains, cushions, mattress and many more. As emanations of particular culture and tradition this fabric brings in peace and warmth to the room. Many of the items made with this fabric are able to resemble your love for authenticity.

  • Special Printing method: Unlike other printing methods used in case of regular textiles, the African print fabrics are made with special dying technique that not only beautifies the piece of cloth but also ensures perfection. The dye sublimation used in printing on this fabric leaves no traces of imperfections.

  • Durable and Economical: This fabric has very long life and is assured of higher quality. The cost of any item made with this fabric is affordable to all sections of the society. The affordability with quality is the USP (unique selling proposition) of this fabric.

African print fabric

Apart from the above mentioned advantages, the African fabrics are well known for their suitability to any culture. They are easily adoptable by any country as they can embed multiple cultures in their patterns. Now, as we know what are African print fabric and its wide array of uses, let’s look at few authentic prints available: 

  • African wax prints: These are the most common printed fabrics available in different patterns and in variety of designs.  Each design or print has been attached with a meaning in African local language and symbols emanate proverbs that are famous among local Africans. Hitarget wax printing fabric is the top most famous fabric among African print fabrics. As its name implies the dresses made with it are known for their high quality and long durability.

  • Batik prints: These are the second most desirable fabrics in many national and international markets of Africa and are known for their colorful imprints. This cloth is either sold in full piece or half piece depending on the customer’s orders. The machines used in wax block printing made African fabrics more economical and indigenous. Despite the imperfections at the beginning of this technique batik printing has got international popularity for its supreme quality over other forms of printing.

  • Wax Block prints: Under this design the fabric receives its share of beautification by wooden or metal blocks applied on the fabric. The blocks are pre-designed and tested and are immersed in colored wax before imprinting on the fabric. This method of printing is easier among all other types of printing and can be altered depending on the country of sale.

  • Kente prints: Kente prints popularly known as African Kente prints or nwentom is an interwoven of cotton and silk cloth strips. Each weave pattern resembles the local culture and has got a meaning that is being endorsed by African locals. The pattern of this print is determined by the threads intertwined during manufacturing. This fabric is mostly used in formal ware as the mix of cotton gives the piece a symmetric and approved look.

  • Spandex African prints: This is the conventional fabric made with a material that is stretchable and is recommended highly for regular use. The spandex is a material that is elastic like rubber and interwoven of this material with any other material brings flexibility to apparels. This fabric is good for swim ware, sports and costumes as such events need flexible clothing.

  • African George Lace: Apart from materials and unstitched or semi-stitched cloth, African lace is also world famous for its pretty design and colorful patterns.  These laces come in different patterns and in colors along with blouse pieces that add grace to your sari or half sari.

The designs and patterns of African print fabric are unique combinations of perfection and authenticity. The right choice of color, design and printing gives you an aesthetic look and styles your ward robe with conventional collections. For those who are wishing to transform their look African print fabric is a variety that gives you wide choices within your range. There are many online platforms through which you can order a piece from anywhere around the world. The array of choices both in western and traditional ware attracted many eyebrows and are on the expedition of attracting many more. Go grab your piece and renovate your wardrobe.