It’s disheartening when your imagination and taste greatly outweigh your skills. You note something is looking wrong but you are not able to fix it. It even feels worse when you are in fashion. You will always see something that needs improvement or has an idea that you would like to present and the best way to make it happen is through sewing. Unfortunately, few people have the privilege of acquiring this skill. Over the years, sewing has become a thing of the past and the younger generation are no longer taught how they can take care of their clothes. But that’s not the case anymore! More and more schools around the country are now offering sewing and related programs that teach students these skills. Here is our list of the best 55 sewing schools that teaches sewing and other related programs:

1. Parsons, the New School for Design

Location: New York

Parsons is a powerhouse of sewing and fashion design. It has turned loads of marquee name talents over the last ten years and produced many famous graduates from all over the world. Most of its teachers are professionals in the field they teach therefore students are given more than enough to become better in their career. Even more, the school has partnered with many corporations and retailers to provide the exposure and critique to the work of their students.

2. Fashion Institute of technology

Location: New York

It doesn’t matter how chick your ideas are, if you choose the wrong fabric they won’t amount much. This lesson is highly emphasized in the Fashion Institute of technology by allowing the use of various textiles, fabric allocation and everything else you should know before you start a project. Here, you not only learn how to sew but also have an opportunity to chat with other creative designers.

3. Lim College

Location: New York

In Lim College features a unique connection between real-world experience and academic studies in sewing. The school empowers their students to become professionals in the dynamic fashion world. It encourages creativity and critical thinking the skills they require to become competitive and dynamic in the fashion industry.

4. Pratt

Location: New York

Pratt provides its students with an exceptional learning environment that ensures creativity and growth of their sewing skills. The school's programs are ranked among the best in the country so each student is ensured to get the most out of it. Their interdisciplinary curriculum promotes creative and collaborative strategies for designing and gives their student unparalleled training facilities.

5. Esaie Couture Design School

Location: New York

If you are looking quality tutors with experience in the sewing industry, then Esaie is the place to go. Passionate Professionals who are willing to share their expertise will give you every knowledge you need to reach the highest professional level. In the school, you are taught both theory and practical making you smart in both areas.

6. Sew New York

Location: New York

Sew New York is a small customized sewing school that is headed by one of the best New York instructor Laura McCracken. Here, you are taught great sewing skills that help you unlock your fashion designing capabilities. As a student in the school, you are provided with all the necessary equipment to experiment your ideas and given knowledge that makes you a professional in the fashion field.

7.Sewing and design school

Location: Tacoma, WA

Sewing and design school is one of the elite sewing schools offering professional sewing programs. The school also gives the students skills and the confidence they need to find jobs in the fashion industry and even open and run their own businesses. Their teaching staffs are great and some which have international recognition in the fashion industry.

8.Virginia Commonwealth

Location: Virginia

Virginia Commonwealth will teach you the professional sewing techniques that you will apply in the fashion industry. With the help of great equipment in the school, you’ll be able to sew and produce pieces that are professional and nice looking.

9.Made Institute

Location: Philadelphia

Made Institute is an elite sewing school that is known for teaching couture sewing classes .The school success in providing great and dedicated fashion superstars who have worn them an international recognition. In the school, you are able to think and unlimitedly experiment on your ideas. This gives the student the opportunity they need to push their creativity and skills over their limit.

10.Le fashion Lab

Location: Atlanta, GA

This is one of the best schools in the fashion industry that has played a significant role in sewing in Georgia. It is dedicated to instilling great skills that allow their student to become great fashion professionals who have an understanding of the modern fashion industry.

11.Austin School of Fashion Design

Location: Austin, TX

Austin School of Fashion Design offers a comprehensive education on sewing that can only be compared to some of the best world-class schools. Here, you can get some of the best skills to not only be a fashion designer but also be able to create your own signature. It also provides you with great platforms like fashion shows where you can showcase your creativity.

12.The Finishing School

Location: Virginia

This is one of the best schools that offer sewing classes to both children and adults. They offer great teaching where they integrate traditional craftsmanship and new technology with the markets constraints in mind. In school, you can be assured to develop unique skills in fashion design that will take you all the way to expert.

13.Sew fabulous sewing school

Location: Pikesville, MD

Sew Fabulous is a great place to start for anyone with the aspiration of becoming a good fashion designer. The school focuses on providing sewing skills that will revolutionize and radicalize the fashion industry. With the skills you learn here, you will be able to develop your signature style and experiment with some of the most dedicated tools in fashion.

14.Laura Sewing School

Location: Massachusetts

Laura Sewing School is a good sewing school with the some of the great resources that enable students to be creative. It provides great sewing experience that lands their students to some of the greatest fashion houses.

15.Denver design incubator

Location: Denver

CO Denver Design incubator is one of the best sewing schools in the country that gives you world-class skills. It offers topflight programs in design to cover all the fashion industry’s demands. With so much change in the fashion industry, it ensures their students are given a head start in the fashion industry future.

16.Savannah College of Arts and Design

Location: Savannah US

SCAD is a powerhouse of fashion that prepares talented students to become professionals in their sewing career. Here, each student is prepared through the engaged learning process in a positive environment.

17.The New York Sewing Center

Location: New York

The The New York Sewing Center is known to be outstanding and dedicated to the fashion industry. In school, you find well-established environment equipped with individual student design spaces. It is fitted out with some of the best sewing machines, mannequins, and pattern cutting tables. This ensures that each student is getting everything necessary to become the best in the field.

18.Stitch Pretty

Location: Roswell, GA

The Stitch Pretty offers different courses related to sewing. As a student in the school, you are encouraged to be inventive and have ideas that ensure your sewing skills are on the top. You will also get opportunities and freedom to put those ideas into practice and overall being part of the future fashion industry.

19.Marguerite’s sewing school

Location: Nashville, TN

Marguerite is one of the leading sewing school in Nashville. It enables students to combine their sewing skills to come up with artistic and contemporary designs. Its highly qualified teachers empower each student with skills they require to be on the top in the fashion industry.

20. Karen’s School Of Fashion (KSOF)

Location: New Jersey

If you want to discover sewing techniques that will take you to the fashion industry, experiment with artistic curiosity and develop creative capacities, then KSOF is the place to be. The school offers all the tools necessary to expand your sewing skills and on top of that offer a platform where you can showcase your work. It has many connections in the industry so every student gets a chance to come across professionals who are doing well in the fashion industry.

21.Sassy SEWer

Location: Parkville, MD

If you want to get a real sewing experience in the fashion industry, then The Sassy SEWer is the place to be. The school prides itself to be the champion of creativity and collaboration in the area dedicated to giving their students special skills and opportunities they need to be outstanding in their sewing career. Over the years, the school has produced thousands of highly employable and enterprise graduates in the industry and joining would be a great choice to be one of them.

22.Otis College of Art and Design

Location: Los Angeles

Otis is one of the best colleges that prepares their students to enrich the world with their sewing skills, creativity, and vision. Each student teems with activities that stimulate creative and refreshed designs. They support their students at every step along their journey to being the most productive in the industry.

23. Newton Sewing Studio

Location: Newtonville MA

Newton Sewing Studio provides high-quality personalized sewing education to build sustainable and innovative career in the fashion industry. The school helps their students to unlock their potentials and help them with sewing skills that will enable them to be among the top in the fashion industry.

24. Jolene’s Sewing School

Location: Happy Valley, OR

Balancing your skills and education is easy in Jolene’s Sewing School. The school has great facilities that ensure sewing students have all the necessary tools they need to improve their skills. They are highly connected so every student is natured to meet the needs and acquire more skills that are sort after in the industry.

25.Drexel University

Location: Philadelphia

This is yet another great school that empowers their students with skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to be successful in the sewing field. The schools offer Predominately Studio based programs that make sure each student is getting the attention they require.

26.Rhodes Island School Of Design

Location: Providence

Rhodes Island School of Design is a private, nonprofit design college and one of the first art school in the US. The school provides studio-based learning, so each student can get the attention they deserve. They provide the facilities and environment that enables you to be creative and work on your ideas.

27.Kent State University

Location: Kent, OH

Kent State University is one of the respected fashion school in America that ensures the ultimate growth of talents. Their energized atmosphere has consistently made the school rank among the best fashion program globally. Each of their students is required to go for an approved internship and study away experience before they graduate ensuring they have all the necessary skills and exposure in the industry.

28.Petit Atelier

Location: Dallas, TX

If you want to know the dimension within the fashion and design and know craftsmanship behind it, go for petit atelier. The school enables you to elevate your passion for fashion and gives you sewing skills that will evaluate a high level of craftsmanship ensuring you make your mark in the industry.

29.University Of Cincinnati

Location: Cincinnati

The school offers their students a combination of educational excellence and real-world experience. This does not leave sewing students out as they have great facilities which they use to experiment with their ideas.

30.Rockwall Sewing School

Location: Rockwall, TX

As one of the leading sewing school in the area, the Rockwall maintains a lively exchange with some of the best sewing institutions in the industry. The school provides its student with resources and guidance they require to be among the top in the fashion industry. They constantly generate insights away from disciplinary boundaries, therefore, setting effective impulses to shape and strengthen their students for more fashion innovations.

31. Sew Nice and Easy

Location: Houston, TX

The School strategy and their academic proficiency enable them to provide enough guidance to their students ensuring they are among the top in the fashion industry. They nature creativity and creates radical and exciting opportunities for their students leaving no gap for doubt in their sewing skills.

32.The Fashion Design Academy

Location: Conroe, TX

The school offers consistent instructions that ensure each student has everything it takes to be productive in the fashion industry. They have a partnership with several companies that give the opportunity, exposure, and experience to their students so that they can make it in the industry.

33.Sew Houston

Location: Houston, TX

Sew Houston aims to bring change in the fashion industry by equipping their students to lead a physical and emotional future. The curriculum in the school is shaped by three guiding principles; diversity, innovation, and heritage. By the end of the program, each student is given all the necessary sewing skills to be able to stand out in the market.

34.Thomas Sewing Center

Location: Mesquite, TX

Money is not everything considering the value offered in Thomas Sewing Center where tuition is heavily subsidized and the education offered is top level. The school provides great initiatives to give their students exposure and experience they need.

35.Sew Let's Quilt It

Location: Dallas, TX

Sew Let's Quilt It is a well recognized school for its independent thinking of combining business and design. They balance their knowledge of design making and production with a great vision. All of this is transferred to their students ensuring they stand out in the fashion industry.

36.Adele Creations

Location: Dallas, TX

Adele Creations provides a learning environment that leads to successful sewing careers through educational experiences which encourage innovation and professional excellence. They provide all the necessary equipment for fashion and design students where they can experiment their ideas.

37.Academy Of Art University

Location: San Francisco

If you want to discover your creative potential in the fashion industry, the Academy of Art University is the way to go. The school is designed to equip aspiring designers with a comprehensive toolbox of knowledge and skills that they need in their future career. Each student will greatly appreciate every step they go through as they are guided by some of the finest mind working in the fashion industry.

38.Sugar Land Sewing School

Location: Pretoria, South Africa

Sugar Land Sewing School supports its students to attain their highest sewing potential by providing safe, enabling and conducive workshops. They give all the necessary facilities for design students and encourage them to be creative and experiment with their ideas. Their quality teacher, Kathleen Noltensmeyer provides the students with the knowledge and skills they require to make it in the fashion industry.

39.California College of Arts

Location: San Francisco California

College of Arts ensures the fashion and design students are shaped and skilled enough to be among the world’s top designers. They prepare their students for lifelong creative work by promoting innovation student engagement and social and environmental responsibilities. In the school, every dedicated students will get lifelong skills that will not only assist them to make it in the fashion industry but also those make them be more productive in their day to day life.

40.Philadelphia University

Location: Philadelphia

Philadelphia University is a committed school that helps in building creativity, research, and discoveries in the fashion industry. Their students work together with teachers to intersect their dreams and redefine what’s humanly possible. With their all-inclusive facilities, the school provides their student with unparalleled value making sure they are noticeable in the market.

41.Sip and Sew DC

Location: D.C

Sip and Sew DC provides its students with ambitions and outlook that extends beyond the collaborative global vision design. Students are equipped with skills that enable them to become fashion industry leaders through a focus on innovation and experimentation of individual expression. The school's fashion graduates gets the necessary education that makes them stand out in the competition.

42.Studio Tissue

Location: Washington, DC

It doesn’t matter whether you are talented or not, as long as you are enrolled in this school you’ll get great skills that will make you stand out. This shows you how serious how the school is in growing the skills of each student. When enrolled, you are provided with all the required equipment plus the necessary education from a highly qualified tutor.

43.Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology

Location: Melbourne

With collaboration between teachers and students, the school is able to give quality skills that stand out in the market. This has led to their reputation for excellence in the fashion industry and their graduates are not only designers but also informed leaders in their field of study.

44.University Of North Texas

Location: Texas The University of North

Texas is well known for growing their students’ idea to become discoveries. The school prides itself for providing sewing students with opportunities and expand their boundaries in the fashion industries. As a student, you are guaranteed that you will defy expectations to pursue excellence in your sewing skills.

45.Three Little Birds Sewing

Location: Hyattsville, MD

Anyone who has ever dreamt of a career in fashion and doesn’t know how to turn their passion into reality, Three Little Birds sewing will be of great benefit to them. The school provides its students with the education they need to create a profile that will jump-start their career.

46.Pattern Sample Sew

Location: Washington DC

Pattern Sample Sew is a great place where anyone can grow his/her sewing skills and knowledge in the fashion industry. The school pride itself to be a center of excellence and innovation that proactively catalyzes the growth of the fashion industry for social and human values.

47.University Of Delaware

Location: Newark, DE

Here you can be able to acquire skills that will place you on top of the completion. The school provides conceptual knowledge and sewing skills that are necessary to transform a creative idea into a compelling fashion design.

48.The Point of It All

Location: Washington, D.C

The Point of It All prepares its students to be h3ly oriented in their sewing skills. They provide the necessary equipment for them to be able to experiment with their ideas and produce pieces that not only professional but also nice looking. Here, you are taught to make some great designs that skyrockets your skills.

49.Looped Yarn Works

Location: Washington, D.C

This school is dedicated to giving its students with a complex education on knitting and sewing skills. It provides an environment and all equipment required to put their ideas into practice. The school also gives a platform where students can showcase their designs.  

50. Capital Quilts

Location: Gaithersburg, MD

This school creating a history of offering sewing programs that only gives value to their students. In the school, students are given professional skills that produce impactful and cutting-edge designs that change the world’s understanding of fashion. The school is supported by their h3 partnership with the community to give the best information they can offer.

51. School Of Arts Institute Of Chicago

Location: Chicago

This is one of the most accredited art schools in the world. School Of Arts Institute Of Chicago comes with a distinctive way to provide their students with an interdisciplinary curriculum that enables them to develop their career as a professional sewer. As a student in the school, you are able to translate complex ideas into a reality.

52.Soul Collections Sewing Lounge

Location: Brooklyn

At Soul Collections Sewing Lounge, students are given a chance to pursue their dreams as fashion profession with tailoring and designing programs. The programs encourage their students to explore and express their creativity by professional teachers who have taken a professional journey in their field of study.

53.St Catherine University

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

This school prepares its student to enter the competitive field of fashion design and find their place in at the top. They are taught both basic and advanced techniques in sewing designing and manufacturing ensuring they are successful in their career pursuit.

54.Meredith College

Location: Raleigh, NC

Meredith is dedicated to providing quality education to their students and the efforts have paid off with over 20000 graduates who are doing very well in their field of study. The school provides its fashion and design student with the environment where they can put their ideas into reality and with the guidance of highly trained teachers they are able to produce professional pieces.

55.Brooklyn Stitchery

Location: Brooklyn

If you are looking for practical and affordable sewing classes for your child, Brooklyn Stitchery is the best place to be. Here, every sewing skill is taught. You get a chance to learn from a professional designer Catherine Petrosino where she teaches you the industrial techniques and how to alter the commercial patterns to make a custom fit.