It might be slow, but the fashion world has started to turn to Africa and its emerging fashion superstars. With some of them already established while others are still making their way to the fashion scene as we speak, we must conclude that you don’t have to look far to get a quality and fashionable design that will fit your need.

The African fashion is being viewed as a trend that is coming in waves. That’s not far from the point considering that African fashion designers are making waves on international fashion scenes by putting the modern touch to the African fabrics. Each designer comes with their style leading to many fashion houses and brands and much competition.

To understand better, here is a list of the top African fashion designers that are doing well both in the content and internationally. These designers,-African and international- based are fashion entrepreneurs and visionaries who are revolutionizing the African fashion industry.

1. Andrea Iyamah

Andrea Iyamah

Andrea Iyamah is a Nigerian brand founded by Dumebi Iyama, a designer who is inspired by aesthetic cultures and colors. A.I is recognized for its unique and eccentric swimwear that is inspired by an array of African cultures. The A.I also specializes in special ready-to-wear events dresses that have vibrant colors and cuts. The brand focuses on designing pieces that are ethnic with a modern twist with attention to details and cuts.

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2. Duro Olowu

Duro Olowu

The Nigerian born lawyer turned a fashion designer in 2004, and since then, he has climbed the ladder into the top fashion league. Duro’s work is identified with the mixed bright colors, vintage prints and well-refined cuts giving his design a unique glam.His talent is widely recognized even by top players like the former first lady Michelle Obama, Linda Evangelista, Solange Knowles among others.

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3. Danielle and Chantelle

Dannielle and Chantelle

Danielle and Chantelle are designers based in New York. Born to an African dad and a Caribbean mom, the twins have embraced their roots and show case’s it in their design consisting of a combination of colorful African prints. Their designs have been worn by celebrities such as Kelly Rowland, Lupita Nyong’o, Karen Civil, among others.

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4. Lanre Da Silva Ajayi

Lanre Da Silva

Larne Da Silva is one of the best haute couture in Nigeria. Her label includes the couture, jewelry, hair pieces and ready to wear.  Da Silva’s collection comprises lace, metallic fabric and African patterns that reference the 1800s. She is highly regarded, and her creative designs place her among the top designers in the industry.

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5.  Deola Sagoe

Deloe Sagoe

The Nigerian fashion designer and entrepreneur approaches fashion with lively and colorful designs that have earned her global acknowledgment even by notable personalities like Will Smith and Oprah Winfrey.Her designs draw their inspirations from western aesthetic and tradition Nigerian touch. Some of her design that has played a significant role in popularizing her in the industry include the Odua and Hand-dyed Adire Fabric.

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6. Aisha Oboubi Aka Christie Brown

Aisha Oboubi Aka Christie Brown

Aisha Obubi is a Ghanaian fashion designer who specializes in modern African design pieces. The owner of the Christie Brown is one of the celebrated African designers for her work in making gowns and accessories that reflects the African culture vibrancy. With her work, you can be assured to get a modern twist to the African pieces.

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7. Maki oh

Maki Oh

Maki Oh is a women’s label wear founded by Maki Osakwe. Osakwe, a young Nigerian designer, has talent in making bold prints and copious application of raffia and silk flinging. Some of his work has been worn by notable personalities including the former US first lady Michelle Obama, Solange Knowles Leelee Soieski, Thandie Newton and more.

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8.  Lisa Folawiyo

Lisa Folawiyo

Lisa Folawiyo is a Nigerian fashion designer, who brings a modern chick design with a traditional and colorful hint. She owns Jewel By Lisa Group, a company that includes her Pretty Previous and The J Label jewel brands.Folawiyo is genuinely one of the African top designer and many celebrities like Solange Knowles, and Lupita Nyong’o includes her pieces in their wardrobe.  Her collection can be found in places like Lagos New York, Paris, and Milan.

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9.  Loza Maléombho

Loza Maléombho

Loza has been designing since she was 13 and today she is best described as the fusion between subcultures, and contemporary fashion.  The designer bridges the Ivorian culture and modern style bringing a futuristic fashion design.  Her experience as an artisan has given her the knowledge to communicate the trade with fashionable trending items.

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10. Washington Roberts

Washington Roberts

Washington Roberts is a Nigerian-born designer with magical hands in making African cultural inspired designs. The designs come with a New York sensibility while using the geometric shapes and precise tailoring adding the touch of perfection to the women’s attire. Each piece Washington makes is created with attention and to bring stylish and superior fit.

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11. Akpos Okudu Nwokekoro

Akpos Okudu Nwokekoro

Romantic, playful and feminine sophistication are the words that you should use to describe the AKPOS OKUDU brand. The designer, Akpos Okudu NwoKekoro brings the soft romantic fabric that intricate details and colors are keeping close attention to details. Every piece made is unique, and it makes the wearer to feel special and loved.

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12.  Mujo Six

Mujo Six

Mujo Six is a brand dedicate to providing African inspired clothing. Mujo brings unique fashion designs that represent the beautiful African culture and countries. She serves as a one-stop for bold patterns and prints and caters readymade custom pieces.

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13. Phyllis Taylor Sika

Phillips Taylor Sika

SIKA is a company founded by Phyllis Taylor, a designer with a vision of making a positive contribution to the society. SIKA provides quality African designs that have both social and environmental responsibility. The collections are designed in London and handmade in Ghana by a skilled artistic team. The brand has created several pieces that are very competitive in the market and offer modern woman something that has been missing for a long time in the market.

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14.  Sarah

House of Sarah

If you need a fashionable African cloth, House of Sarah is the place to be. The Sarah brand entails a collection with a beautiful wax fabric that is sourced from all over Africa. The creativity in the designs is brought about by a collaboration of different artisans making it even more exciting and glamorous.

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15. Karissa Lindsay

Karissa Lindsay

Karissa Lindsay is the founder of A Leap of Style, a company that empowers women to express their confidence through their classic and elegant designs. Karissa brings intricate designs that are made from vibrant color and textile bringing the African feel and incorporating it with a modern touch that every lady will appreciate.

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16. Yetunde


Yetunde is a brand founded by Yetunde Sarumi, a young fashion designer who works magic in combining African print and modern twist to complement any lady’s physic and lifestyle. Suitable for any action, the Yetunde Design is elegant and colorful and give an exquisite quality. The designs are inspired by the West African culture sharing the combination of elegance and class.

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17.   Lilian K. Danieli


Lilian K Danieli is a Tanzanian designer whose pieces are made from traditional African prints in modern Silhouette to give a unique experience. The designs are dedicated to providing exceptional prints combined with high fashion apparel that offers both the locals and global communities the satisfaction they require. The clothes are hand-crafted and are made from 100% wax cotton fabric that is uniquely versatile and of high-quality.

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18. Farida

farida designs

Farida is an Eritrean fashion designer focusing in brings the modern look to the Eritrean artistic design. Her designs are made to not only make you stand out but also feel comfortable. Her Fashion label Farida style consists of both male and female pieces that are elegant and artistic.

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19. Charlene Dunbar

Charlene dunbar

Charlene Durbar is a born African designer with a signature of the print mix, surprise colors, and sleek style. After winning the 2014 Belk Southern Designer Showcase, Suakokobetty dress collection gained their popularity receiving rave reviews from old and new customers. Since then, the Suakoko have made their way to many Boutiques in Southeast US.

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20.  Anissa Mpungwe


Anissa Mpugwe is a charismatic fashion designer and the founder of Loin Cloth and Ashes. The designer makes new classics with print interruption making the pieces least far beyond the season.  With his work, you get a traditional touch merged with new techniques giving a timeless, understated presentation.

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21. Busayo Olupona


Busayo Olupona is a Nigerian designer who creates bright, colorful textiles and fabrics for modern women who want to make a statement.  Her designs are turned from West African traditions and fashion combined with a modern touch to give an outstanding piece that any woman would want.

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22.  Bridget awosika


Bridget Awosaki is a creative designer and director of the Bridget Awosaki label. She aims to bring the African design to the international audience and create a strong African identity with simple stark fabrics and asymmetrical fluid lines that defines her brand’s signature.

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23.   Chukwuma Ian Audifferen


Ian Audifferen is a Nigerian young fashion designer behind the Tzar Menswear brand. Tzar offers the early 70s designs through laid-back tailoring and colorful menswear that are sworn with light wools and cotton fabric.

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24.  Tsemaye Binitie


Tsemaye is designer driven to dressing women and empowers them through their dressing with his glamorous aesthetic.  His collection features exquisite clothing capturing a luxurious and innovative design, precise cut and sartorial construction allowing the delivery of refined and timeless pieces.

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25.  Recho Omondi

recho Omondi

You might not know her by name, but you most likely have come across her work. Racho who studied fashion design at Savana College of art makes fabulous designed that are inspired by her childhood as a Kenyan-American girl who was raised by a single dad in the Midwest. Today, the designer has a secured position at Calvin Klein, Suno, and Theory.

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26. Thabo Makhetha-Kwinana


Maketha is well known for her print, the wool capes that have been capturing hearts in the fashion world since 2009. Her pieces are widely recognized and have made their way to many people both in Africa and internationally. IF you don’t have one yet, look for one in your nearest boutiques and if you do, least be assured that you will fall in love.

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27.  Sindiso Khumalo

Sindiso khumalo

Khulamo is one designer who brings her architectural knowledge to fashion. Her work includes unique artistic designs for a modern African woman. Her Zulu heritage is her source of inspiration to come up with the classy and dynamic pieces. Some of her work has been featured in museums and published by big players like Vogue Italia, Africa Identity, and Africa culture among others.

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28. Laduma Ngxokolo


The South African designer and founder of Laduma MaXhosa has been causing a stir in many parts of the world. His Knitwear brand, Maxhosa by Laduma is described as an Africa version of the famous Italian Missoni. The label has garnered a massive following around the world such that some of his work was worn by some cast members of “black panther” to the world premiere, of the movie.

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29. Ituen Basi

ituen basi

If you ever follow the African fashion movement, then the name Ituen should ring a bell. With a strong passion for the fashion business, Basi’s reputation goes far beyond the Nigeria fashion scene with her unique brands that have set the pace for others to follow. Her brand includes Ankara Fabric high-end fashion labels that make quite a show.

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30.  Matthew 'Tayo' Rugamba


Mathew Tayo is a Kigali-based fashion designer with a fascinating work of art.  His designs include the African sophistication, style, and flavor to bring the combination of class and elegance in pieces. The designer uses African textile and fabric that are produced by Rwandan artisans making the most out of the culture.

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31. Korto momulu

korto momolu

This is yet another African fashion designer who has earned a name for herself. Her design is inspired by her African roots where she uses the traditional luxury fabric, mixed prints, skins, and related cultural material to bring her global brand on fashion-forward women’s wear.  Generally, Korto is an icon for many upcoming designers.

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32. Katungulu Mwendwa


Mwendwa is a Kenyan designer with a great sense of art. Her designs are backed with innovative fabric that is brought to life with a blend of traditional and modern touch making them timeless casual and semi-formal pieces. Her designs are considerably gaining popularity and international following. You should definitely check on her work.

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33.  Imane Ayissi


We can say that art runs in this designer’s blood. Born and raised in Cameron, Imane had a passion for fashion, and this was proven with his successful Pret-a-porter and couture lines. The designs come with a blend of African cultural art and Persian Haute Couture. His creativity and dedication give the pieces the touch of a star-making it garner more following around the globe.

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